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Kinemaster is a well known and popular video editing app if you are also searching for any good video editor then we will suggest you to use KineMaster Pro Video Editor which is the only app which is a full-featured video editor specially designed for Android and it is mostly used by the professionals for their work or showing creativity. Sometimes, we want to edit our video it can be anything like adding song , trim the video , edit some phrases and much more this all can be done with help of Kinemaster.

KineMaster Pro Video Editor

It is the best supporting app with multiple layers of images , texts , videos , cutting , trimming with an accuracy, adding multiple track audios, 3D transitions, controlling volume envelope precisely , color LUT filters and a lot. If you are a professional and amateurs then Kinemaster Pro APK offers you a level of control over your editing process with mobile which is unprecedented and if we talks about the artists and educators then the layers of handwriting allows you for drawing directly over the video.


There are different kinds of many users for Kinemaster like youtube creators, mobile journalists, educator and other professionals, short film producers etc from different industries in all over the world. If you are having a youtube channel then you can use the slick videos which can easily be created by Kinemaster for increasing the popularity and reach of your channel on youtube and will definitely make you a YouTube star. As the feature of video, layer is also available in Kinemaster but it is only supported with some devices. This feature is currently working on the devices which are using :


* Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 / 801 / 805 / 808 / 810 / 820

* Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 , 616 , 617 , 625 , 650 , 652 only for the 720p

* Tegra K1

* Kirin 920 Hi – silicon 3630

* Kirin 950 Hi – silicon 3650

* Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7420

* Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7580 for the 720p only

* Samsung Exynos 8 Octa 8890

These above mentioned are the device which are still being supported for the video layer of Kinemaster and for other devices the supporting feature will be coming soon. The latest update of Kinemaster which 3.1 is very nice and beautiful with some new features and an extensive design for reflecting the latest Android trends so that you can maintain the ease while you edit your video. The additional features of this app like various effects or the concept if multilayer for the stickers, adding text in the video clips enhances the power of this video editing app and make it best mobile video editor.

Kinemaster app free download []

You can now also enjoy the videos which do not have the watermark of Kinemaster or Kinemaster pro unlocked APK and crop your video for free up to 30 days that is for a whole month. Forgetting the feature of video layer you will be required to make the purchase for 30 days and is only available to some of the supported devices only. Now, let us come to know about the features of Kinemaster video editing apk and Kinemaster video layer APK, we have listen a lot about but it is the main thing by which you should be aware that which features are providing by this APK.

Features of Kinemaster App

1 . You can have the feature of multiple layers for your images , videos , texts , stickers handwriting in your video clips.

2 . You are able to have an instant preview any time with help of this app before saving it.

3 . You can also make the trimming of your video frame by frame with the splicing and slicing.

4 . In your video with help of this app you can also edit the brightness , hue and tell saturation for making it more beautiful.

5 .  You can also manage the speed of your video playing and control it by your own way.

6 . You can also edit the feature of sound by fading it in or out during the playback of video.

7 . You are also having the control over volume of your video for every moment and clip to clip in whole video with the precise control of volume.

8 . You have complete right for controlling all of the transition effects in your video like as of wipes , fades , 3D transitions and much more.

9 . You will be going to have a huge variety of themes and animation with the visual and audio effects in your video.

10 . You can directly share your edited video of You tube , Google+ , Facebook , drop box and to other sites.

11 . You will also get the option of real-time recording of video and audio.

12 . You will be going to get a lot of styles for the animation.

13 . You can also download the more effects , overlays, royalty free music, stickers , overlays and much more for making your video more beautiful and attractive from the asset store of Kinemaster.

14. You are free to add different effects like of blur, mosaic in your video at different levels.

So, these above mentioned are some of the features which are being provided by the Kinemaster for editing your video, there is a different kind of formats available for video, image and audio let us come to know about them :

Formats for Kinemaster video layer APK

* MP4 ( H.264 Baseline / Main / High profile + AAC LC / PCM )

* 3GP ( H.264 Baseline / Main / High profile + AAC LC / PCM )

* MOV ( H.264 Baseline / Main / High profile + AAC LC / PCM )

Formats for Kinemaster mod APK audio

* MP3

* M4A



Formats of Kinemaster pro full APK Image



* WebP



These were all of the above-mentioned formats which are supported by the Kinemaster for audio, video and image you can edit all these formats with help of the Kinemaster. Now, we come to gather some technical and important knowledge about the Kinemaster APK.

Kinemaster Pro full APK

Last updated date 26 December, 2017
Size of apk 30 MB
App by Nex streaming corporation
Category Free video playing and editing app
Rating of content Everyone
Package of App
Supported Android version Android 4.4 and above
App rating 4+ stars
Supported Android version Android 4.4 and above
App rating 4+ stars
Latest version 4.2.510078.GP


So , this is all about this app let us come to know more in details as all apps get updated regularly and tell outdated version does not remain in use any more but this is not so true , sometimes it happens that some Android devices do not support the latest version but can support the older versions so now we are going to give you the list of all available versions of Kinemaster app :

All versions Kinemaster pro with their update date

23 February , 2017  –

30 March , 2017 –

27 April , 2017 –

10 May , 2017 –

4 June , 2017 –

17 August , 2017 –

29 August , 2017 –

21 October 2017 –

26 October, 2017 –

29 November 2017 –

3 December 2017 –

20 December , 2017 –

26 December  2017 –


What are the new features in Kinemaster pro apk full version ?

1 . It has fixed up all the bugs and performance quality of app has been improved.

  1. There was an issue in which the chroma keys of foreground and background masks were got reversed in some of the cases has been fixed now.

3 . There are some of the improvements in the usage of the camera , storage and microphone permission when asked is explained better.

Permissions required by Kinemaster premium APK to work

You will be required to provide an access of your phone’s camera and microphone to the Kinemaster as if you will be required to record your videos or sound directly with the app then you will be able to do so. You are also needed to provide an access to the storage of your phone as if you wants to save the project on which you are working you will be able to do that easily as the Kinemaster will save your projects externally so that you will not be going to lost your data if in any case you reinstall the or either clear app data.

Supported OS and the devices

Now , let us come to know that which operating systems and devices are being supported by the Kinemaster.

* For running Kinemaster your Android device must have the Android version of 4.1.2 ( Jelly bean MR 2 ) at least or above it and fir getting texts best experience of editing your video you should have the latest Android version on your device.

* You are also able to experience the best ever editing feature or performance on your device if it running on the chipsets which are higher than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 ( MSM8974 ).

How to Download and Install Kinemaster APK on Android Device

So , we come to know a lot of things about the Kinemaster app now the main thing that comes to know about this is how can you download it in your device. As we told you earlier that Kinemaster is the best and popular android app which is used for the purpose of editing your videos and making them more beautiful. So , you are only able to download it if you are having an Android device which is running on the Android version of 4.4 or above. You can easily download this app from Google play store or from the official site we will tell you both of these methods. For downloading the app just follow the below-mentioned steps :

Method – 1 : From Google play store

If you are having the android device then there is a google play store from where you can download all of the applications of Android the only thing which you need to do is sign in your Google play store with your email Id and password.


Step – 1 : First of all you needs to open the google play store from your android device.

Step – 2 : After opening the play store you will be required to search or type the Kinemaster in the search bar which is present at top of your screen and then press the search icon.

Step – 3 : After your search gets completed you will see a list with several apps get open in front of you , click on the first option from this list.


Step – 4 : Now , after that the window of Kinemaster will get open in front of you from where you can easy install it to your device. Now , you will see an option of install at the mid right side corner of your screen. Click on that install option.

Step – 5 : After , you click on the option of install a dialogue box will get appeared in front of you with a pop up window in which you will be required to accept the terms and conditions only after that your downloading will start. So , click on the option of accept.

Step – 6 : Next , after accepting you will see that your downloading for the app has begin. Now , wait till the downloading gets complete.

Step – 7 : As , your downloading is on the way till then you have to first of all allow the access to install from unknown sources if do not allowed then. First of all go to the setting of your mobile and their you will see the option of security. Click on that particular option.


Step – 8 : After clicking the security option a new list will open on the device screen scroll down , here you will see the option of unknown sources click on that option for allowing it.

Step – 9 : After allowing the access you app will get installed automatically to your mobile and you will be able to see the icon of Kinemaster at the home screen.

So , by following the steps simple and easy steps you can easily download and install the Kinemaster app to your android device and start editing your videos.


Method – 2 : From APK file

 In some devices the Google play store is not signed up or many users do not prefer google play store , so for those we have another method of downloading Kinemaster with help of apk file. If you are also one who wants to get this app by using apk file then you just need to follow the below provided simple and easy steps :


Step – 1 : First of all you needs to open the site from which you can easily download the apk file. Below we are providing you the link from which you can directly visit to the site. So , click on this provided link

Step – 2 : After you click on the link you will see that you are redirected to the site where you will see either a green color download APK button or your file will start downloading automatically.


Step – 3 : Now , wait till the downloading gets complete and make sure that you have provided an access to the install from unknown sources. Now, go to the download section of your mobile.


Step – 4 : In the download section look for your downloaded file and click on it. After it you will see the option of install on yourscreen, touch on it and wait till the installation process gets completed.

Step – 5 : After the installation gets complete and kingmaster APK download. you will see the icon of Kinemaster at the home screen of your mobile device, now open it and start editing your videos.


So , today in this article we tell you about the most popular and best android mobile video editing app which is Kinemaster. We come to know about the features , benefits , uses and much more about the Kinemaster. You can use it easily and can get it free of cost although for getting some additional features you will be required to make some app in purchases. Now , the main problem which is faced by the users is that how they can download the app , for this we have provided you the two different methods of downloading the app one is with help of Google play store and the other is by downloading apk file and later install it , we provide you each and every step for your comfort so that you will not face any problem while downloading the app but still if any problem occur then you can simply contact us we will be here for your help and solving your problem.


Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s )


Ques – 1: Is it possible to remove watermark of “Kinemaster”?

Ans – 1 : When you get the subscription to Kinesmaster the watermark will get removed automatically and you will also get some of the additional features. You can easily purchase the subscription of Kinemaster when ever you share any of your project or work and if you first of all get the paid subscription then go to the settings of Kinemaster and there select the option of About my account.


Ques – 2: For what does the partnership of Kinemaster and Muserk is beneficial?

Ans – 2 : The partnership of Kinemaster and Muserk is beneficial if you wanted to remove the watermark made by Kinemaster from your edited video and with help of Muserk you will be able to get a good quality music for your video. So , for removing the watermark you just need to use any of the song of Muserk from the asset store of Kinemaster free of cost and you will see that the made with Kinemaster watermark will automatically removed from your video when you will directly share your video on the You tube.


Ques – 3: What are the terms and conditions of using Musik for removing the watermark?

Ans – 3 : If you are going to use music from Muserk in context of removing watermark then you should be aware about these below mentioned points and after that decide you want to use or not –

1 . You will not be able to monetize your video if you are using the

Music track from Muserk on You tube.

2 . In context of removing watermark you are needed to make music clear that means the water mark will only remove if you have used the play back music in correct volume which is easily audible.

3 . Muserk or Kinemaster has right for monetizing your video and some of your viewers will be able to see ads but you will not be the part of that monetize video.


Ques – 4: How many audio tracks can I add to one video with help of Kinemaster?

Ans – 4 : You are allowed to use as much as clips you wanted to add because Kinemaster has no limit for adding audio tracks which can be added at any time or clip in your video.


Ques – 5: How is it possible to move or delete in the clip from the video?

Ans – 5 : If you wanted to move or delete any clip from your video them follow below methods –

For moving a clip :

* The clip which you wanted to delete long press that until your phone or tablet produces a little vibration and then you will be needed to move that clip in the desired location where you wanted to move it.

* If you wanted to move your clip for a long distance in a large project then simply pinch on the timeline and first zoom it out and then after move your clip.

For deleting a clip :

* Just select the particular clip which you want to delete by simply tapping on it and after that you will be required to tap on the icon of trash which is present at the left side of your mobile screen and the clip will got deleted.